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Because IV hydration bypasses the digestive system, it is a safe, effective and fast way to deliver vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into the bloodstream! 

Try one of our super-charged drips: detox with Last Friday Night, a blend of magnesium, zinc, manganese and Vitamin C, or boost muscle recovery and  endurance with the magnesium and amino acid-packed Top of Your Game! Our B12 injections can help with fatigue, and our proprietary Super Vita Push is a mood and energy game changer! We even have a customizable migraine blend to help with the associated pain, nausea, dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Drip Bar

Myer’s Cocktail: The original vitamin drip, this combo of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium gluconate is especially helpful for symptoms of chronic conditions like Lyme and fibromyalgia

1 liter-$225    1/2 liter-$125

Add a boost of glutathione for added immune system support and anti-aging properties!


The Skinny: With an amino blend, B complex and slow glutathione push, this drip supports metabolism, immune functions and energy levels

1 liter-$199    1/2 liter-$99

Hydration Nation: This service provides instant hydration and electrolytes! 

1 liter-$120   1/2 liter-$80

The Beauty: This drip combines Vitamin C and Biotin to nourish hair, skin and nails

1 liter-$199    1/2 liter-$99

Add glutathione for an antioxidant boost, zinc for immune protection, or B Complex to increase metabolism and reduce inflammation!

The Prenatal: Safe for breastfeeding and pregnant moms, this drip combines B12 and B6 to rehydrate, combat morning sickness and nausea and boost energy levels

1 liter-$199

Add on B complex for increased immune support and energy! 

Shot Bar

Semaglutide-one month supply, $399. Package includes required lab tests, medical consults, medication and monthly check in with a medical professional. (can be found under telemedicine on the app) *if dosage increases are needed, an additional charge of $199/vial will apply*

Tirzepatide-one month supply, $650. 

Package includes lab tests, medical consults, medication and monthly check in with a medical professional. *if dosage increase is needed, additional charge of $350/vial will apply*

B12 IM-$40

B Complex IM or IV push-$40

Glutathione, 1000 mg IV push or 400 mg IM-$50

Super Vita Power Push-includes a blend of amino acids, B plex and glutathione-$120

Biotin Quick Shot, great for hair, skin and nails-$30

MIC + B12, IM, boost your body's fat-burning capacity-$30

Vitamin D3, patient specific dosing, requires labs within 30 days-$30



Mineral Blend-$40


Amino Blend-$40




Each new client is required to have a physician consult-$25 fee applies (consult good for six months)

*travel fees apply*

*credit card required at time of booking/cash not accepted*

*50% will be charged for cancellations within 12 hours or less from appointment time*

The Energizer Bunny: Combat fatigue and boost energy with a magnesium, Vitamin C and B Complex

1 liter-$199    1/2 liter-$99

Add our mineral blend for injury recovery, muscle and ATP production, or our amino blend for fat metabolism!

The Immune: This mixture of zinc, Vitamin C helps regulate immune response and boost energy

1 liter-$199     1/2 liter-$99

Add glutathione for added protection from disease and the effects of aging, B Complex for cardiovascular health and reduction of inflammation, B6 for production of white blood cells and T cells, or Tri Immune for added protection! 

Last Friday Night: Rehydrate and detox with a powerful blend of magnesium and Vitamin C

1 liter-$199     1/2 liter-$99

Add our Mineral Blend to combat fatigue, B Complex for added energy, or glutathione! 

Top of Your Game: Boost muscle recovery and endurance, and reduce fatigue and cramps with a mineral blend and magnesium

1 liter-$199     1/2 liter-$99

Add B Complex to convert proteins and sugar into energy, our Amino Blend to improve muscle recovery, glutathione or B12 to further reduce fatigue and improve muscular endurance! 

Migraine Magic: This drip, with magnesium and B6, banishes the pain and associated nausea that accompanies migraines to help you feel better, faster

1 liter-$199     1/2 liter-$99

Add B complex to reduce mental fogginess, Zofran for nausea and Toradol for pain relief! 

NAD+: Nicontanimide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, is a coenzyme central to energy metabolism. What can it do for you? Improve cognitive function, energy levels, mood, fatigue and blood pressure, and help with weight management, reduce pain and reduce and reverse some aging and neurodegenerative diseases and also detoxify the liver!

Follow it up with our Super Vita Power Push for what clients can only describe as the “push effect,” an instant boost of mental clarity and energy! 

NAD+, 500 mg-$399

NAD+, 1000 mg-$699

*Includes medication and service visits. Initial consult and travel fees incur additional charges*

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